Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Five People You Meet in Heaven-Blog 2

                Midway through the book, I am now taking a look into Eddie’s childhood. I semi predicted that he was neglected as a child because it seemed like his father wasn’t really in the picture, but I did not see the harsh abuse coming. Eddie would be beat drunkenly by his father night after night. I feel like this was a stereotypical family situation in that time period; the mom was nurturing, while the father thought of his kids as pests. I was also shocked that Eddie’s father did not pay any mind to his depression and injured leg, but yet never spoke to Eddie again when he was in the wrong. This whole situation captures how people hold too big of grudges. I hope Eddie gets to talk to his father openly in Ruby’s eternity. I hope that he apologizes for his humanly faults so Eddie can be more at peace. 

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  1. Yes - forgiveness is something that can put a person's heart at peace. Apologizing is an under-rated action, too. Receiving or offering a heart-felt apology can change one's entire perspective on a hurtful situation.