Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Five People You Meet in Heaven- Blog3

            I was surprised at the last half of the book. I thought that Eddie would actually get to communicate with his mother and father. Although, I am glad that he got to see when his dad saved the man that tried to harm his mother. I felt for Eddie because of the pain inflicted by his father so it made me more at peace that Eddie got to see him in a better light. Eddie’s love, Marguerite, also had a surprise entry. When Eddie was pulled from one lavish wedding to another, I felt it was because Marguerite was a fun-loving, exotic, spirit. It touched my heart when Eddie told her how much he missed her and he looked back on their love from the beginning. I feel like my perception of love now relates to how Eddie’s love on earth played out. I have seen love in my family be great, youthful, and careless, then it later turns into work with age, children, etc. I’m happy to expect that there is hopefully a future rekindling of love in heaven! Another heartwarming moment was when Tala told Eddie she helped him from heaven to save the little girl. I am usually not an emotional person but I might have shed a tear at this moment. As everyone joined together to meet Eddie in front of God was a beautiful end to this angelic novel. Heaven as it was described in The Five You People in Heaven was a heaven that I want to go to!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Five People You Meet in Heaven-Blog 2

                Midway through the book, I am now taking a look into Eddie’s childhood. I semi predicted that he was neglected as a child because it seemed like his father wasn’t really in the picture, but I did not see the harsh abuse coming. Eddie would be beat drunkenly by his father night after night. I feel like this was a stereotypical family situation in that time period; the mom was nurturing, while the father thought of his kids as pests. I was also shocked that Eddie’s father did not pay any mind to his depression and injured leg, but yet never spoke to Eddie again when he was in the wrong. This whole situation captures how people hold too big of grudges. I hope Eddie gets to talk to his father openly in Ruby’s eternity. I hope that he apologizes for his humanly faults so Eddie can be more at peace. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Blog 1- The Five People You Meet in Heaven

                I am so glad I chose to read The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom, already! I have not even read 100 pages, and I have already started to think about so many things pertaining to the books focus. When the ‘blue man’ starts to review parts of Eddie’s life; it made me begin to think of my life. I started to ask questions to myself like, “If I were to review my life in heaven today, would I be embarrassed to how I lived?” I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, even if we do not know the reason at the time, and the book reassures my notion. The blue man reminds Eddie that no act in his life was random, even when he accidently creates the situation that kills him in the automobile accident. But since Eddie was in heaven, he was sorry but he felt no pain or shame. I am hopeful that heaven is like the books description thus far because it would be beyond wonderful to live without these painful emotions throughout this life. I predict Eddie might possibly meet up with his parents in heaven to learn lessons and maybe some random pedestrians that passed through the pier. 

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Blog 3- A Million Little Pieces

                                      I enjoyed the turn out of A Million Little Pieces by James Frey even though it was a surprise. I like how James has become! He pulls himself out of the darkness even though the girl in his past tries to contact him. By burning the pictures she sent, James shows that he is distancing his old, bleak life from his new, sober one. I was also surprised that right after he left the clinic, he ordered Jack Daniels and proceeded to pour it out! This surprised me because I thought he would instantly revert back to his old ways. Also I was taken aback by the deaths of Lily and Leonard! My prediction of Lily and James actually going through with their plan to live in Chicago was sadly wrong. Overall this book left me satisfied and it is rewarding to the reader that James remains sober today!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

blog 2- A Million Little Pieces

                        I am currently on page 123 of A Million Little Pieces by James Frey. I have recently become proud of the author because he has progressed! Previously, James did not make any sort of effort in the treatment center, but he has finally pushed aside some of his pride and made a compromise with Leonard to stay for 24 more hours. Thankfully, Leonard stopped James from leaving the center and committing suicide. James has described darkness before, but not nearly as vivid as when he walks outside and plans to take away his own life. This portion of the book has made me think about some stubborn people in my life. I'm a very open person and associate with all types of people, so this instantly made me recall some moments with of some friends of mine that have chosen to go down a bit of a darker road. Though these friends of mine sometimes choose to consume themselves with substance, this part in the book reminds me that I am like Leonard in being the voice of reason. Leonard was adamant about caring for James, no matter if he reciprocated that back or not. This is a reminder to me that I can be that friend. Thus far A Million Little Pieces still tickles my fancy and the author is finally making an effort to come back to the light!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

blog 1

I agree with the statement that an author’s greatest gift is a tortured childhood! Though James is telling his story from the place in his life that he is in now, his childhood was the whole influence on the life he lives now. He briefly describes that as a child he was a loner and no one made the effort to be his friend. He is haunted by his memory that his only friend was killed, and he helped her lie to her parents. That fact didn't necessarily drive him to drinking or doing drugs but it still foreshadows how lonely his life was and still is. I like this memoir so far because it is so outlandishly raw. Though it doesn't seem likely at this point, I just have a gut feeling  that James will get clean and let people in his life again.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

blog 3

                             My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult left me feeling sad, angry, inspired, and more ranges of emotions. During the trial; I was so anxious to read what Anna would testify while on the stand, and she blew me away. The whole time I did not expect for Kate to ask Anna to kill her. I could imagine that she was tired of all the medical treatment and was in pain, but I didn't ever think she would voice to Anna that she wanted to just die. I was very angry that after it took so much for Anna to finally get out that information, her mother tried to say it was not true. She tried to tell the court Anna was lying and that if Kate felt that way, she would have told her, her precious mother. Who knows, maybe I just got huffy reading that though because I hate their mother and all of her logic. Nevertheless, I am so happy that Anna got her justice for once by the help of Julia and Mr. Campbell  That being said, I am still taken in utter shock that Anna died in an accident right after receiving her medical emancipation. I did not predict this ending whatsoever! I honestly thought Kate would die. I feel guilty for thinking that maybe I would have liked it better if Anna finally got to live her life and Kate would die. But at the same token, I guess Kate really didn’t get to live much of a life either, other than being favored 24-7. Overall, even though I was taken aback by the shocking ending I am so glad I read this book and felt all of the emotions that came with it.