Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Five People You Meet in Heaven- Blog3

            I was surprised at the last half of the book. I thought that Eddie would actually get to communicate with his mother and father. Although, I am glad that he got to see when his dad saved the man that tried to harm his mother. I felt for Eddie because of the pain inflicted by his father so it made me more at peace that Eddie got to see him in a better light. Eddie’s love, Marguerite, also had a surprise entry. When Eddie was pulled from one lavish wedding to another, I felt it was because Marguerite was a fun-loving, exotic, spirit. It touched my heart when Eddie told her how much he missed her and he looked back on their love from the beginning. I feel like my perception of love now relates to how Eddie’s love on earth played out. I have seen love in my family be great, youthful, and careless, then it later turns into work with age, children, etc. I’m happy to expect that there is hopefully a future rekindling of love in heaven! Another heartwarming moment was when Tala told Eddie she helped him from heaven to save the little girl. I am usually not an emotional person but I might have shed a tear at this moment. As everyone joined together to meet Eddie in front of God was a beautiful end to this angelic novel. Heaven as it was described in The Five You People in Heaven was a heaven that I want to go to!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Five People You Meet in Heaven-Blog 2

                Midway through the book, I am now taking a look into Eddie’s childhood. I semi predicted that he was neglected as a child because it seemed like his father wasn’t really in the picture, but I did not see the harsh abuse coming. Eddie would be beat drunkenly by his father night after night. I feel like this was a stereotypical family situation in that time period; the mom was nurturing, while the father thought of his kids as pests. I was also shocked that Eddie’s father did not pay any mind to his depression and injured leg, but yet never spoke to Eddie again when he was in the wrong. This whole situation captures how people hold too big of grudges. I hope Eddie gets to talk to his father openly in Ruby’s eternity. I hope that he apologizes for his humanly faults so Eddie can be more at peace. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Blog 1- The Five People You Meet in Heaven

                I am so glad I chose to read The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom, already! I have not even read 100 pages, and I have already started to think about so many things pertaining to the books focus. When the ‘blue man’ starts to review parts of Eddie’s life; it made me begin to think of my life. I started to ask questions to myself like, “If I were to review my life in heaven today, would I be embarrassed to how I lived?” I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, even if we do not know the reason at the time, and the book reassures my notion. The blue man reminds Eddie that no act in his life was random, even when he accidently creates the situation that kills him in the automobile accident. But since Eddie was in heaven, he was sorry but he felt no pain or shame. I am hopeful that heaven is like the books description thus far because it would be beyond wonderful to live without these painful emotions throughout this life. I predict Eddie might possibly meet up with his parents in heaven to learn lessons and maybe some random pedestrians that passed through the pier. 

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Blog 3- A Million Little Pieces

                                      I enjoyed the turn out of A Million Little Pieces by James Frey even though it was a surprise. I like how James has become! He pulls himself out of the darkness even though the girl in his past tries to contact him. By burning the pictures she sent, James shows that he is distancing his old, bleak life from his new, sober one. I was also surprised that right after he left the clinic, he ordered Jack Daniels and proceeded to pour it out! This surprised me because I thought he would instantly revert back to his old ways. Also I was taken aback by the deaths of Lily and Leonard! My prediction of Lily and James actually going through with their plan to live in Chicago was sadly wrong. Overall this book left me satisfied and it is rewarding to the reader that James remains sober today!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

blog 2- A Million Little Pieces

                        I am currently on page 123 of A Million Little Pieces by James Frey. I have recently become proud of the author because he has progressed! Previously, James did not make any sort of effort in the treatment center, but he has finally pushed aside some of his pride and made a compromise with Leonard to stay for 24 more hours. Thankfully, Leonard stopped James from leaving the center and committing suicide. James has described darkness before, but not nearly as vivid as when he walks outside and plans to take away his own life. This portion of the book has made me think about some stubborn people in my life. I'm a very open person and associate with all types of people, so this instantly made me recall some moments with of some friends of mine that have chosen to go down a bit of a darker road. Though these friends of mine sometimes choose to consume themselves with substance, this part in the book reminds me that I am like Leonard in being the voice of reason. Leonard was adamant about caring for James, no matter if he reciprocated that back or not. This is a reminder to me that I can be that friend. Thus far A Million Little Pieces still tickles my fancy and the author is finally making an effort to come back to the light!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

blog 1

I agree with the statement that an author’s greatest gift is a tortured childhood! Though James is telling his story from the place in his life that he is in now, his childhood was the whole influence on the life he lives now. He briefly describes that as a child he was a loner and no one made the effort to be his friend. He is haunted by his memory that his only friend was killed, and he helped her lie to her parents. That fact didn't necessarily drive him to drinking or doing drugs but it still foreshadows how lonely his life was and still is. I like this memoir so far because it is so outlandishly raw. Though it doesn't seem likely at this point, I just have a gut feeling  that James will get clean and let people in his life again.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

blog 3

                             My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult left me feeling sad, angry, inspired, and more ranges of emotions. During the trial; I was so anxious to read what Anna would testify while on the stand, and she blew me away. The whole time I did not expect for Kate to ask Anna to kill her. I could imagine that she was tired of all the medical treatment and was in pain, but I didn't ever think she would voice to Anna that she wanted to just die. I was very angry that after it took so much for Anna to finally get out that information, her mother tried to say it was not true. She tried to tell the court Anna was lying and that if Kate felt that way, she would have told her, her precious mother. Who knows, maybe I just got huffy reading that though because I hate their mother and all of her logic. Nevertheless, I am so happy that Anna got her justice for once by the help of Julia and Mr. Campbell  That being said, I am still taken in utter shock that Anna died in an accident right after receiving her medical emancipation. I did not predict this ending whatsoever! I honestly thought Kate would die. I feel guilty for thinking that maybe I would have liked it better if Anna finally got to live her life and Kate would die. But at the same token, I guess Kate really didn’t get to live much of a life either, other than being favored 24-7. Overall, even though I was taken aback by the shocking ending I am so glad I read this book and felt all of the emotions that came with it. 

blog 2

Throughout the midsection of My Sister’s Keeper I know have a better understanding of the parents thinking. From the moment after Anna was born, her umbilical cord was given to Kate for things that she needed in her body. I don’t like Anna’s mom at this point because she claims that Anna just called a trial for attention, but she cannot get through her stubborn skull that she has never let Anna truly live. Whenever Anna tried to live, she was bogged down by medicinal responsibilities. Her mom didn’t even think to let her go away for a week to a hockey camp that Anna received a paid-in-full scholarship for because she thought Kate might need her at some point. On the other hand, I am warming up to Anna’s dad, Brian, because he admits willingly that as a parent he doesn't know if he has made the right decisions, and maybe Anna is right. He also admits that on a few occasions he was extremely hesitant to sign any of the consent forms concerning Anna’s health because he knew that Kate was going to die soon anyways. In the midsection of the book I am more reluctant to support Anna and her dad, opposed to her begrudging mother.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

blog 1

                              Thus far My Sisters Keeper by Jodi Picoult is a page turner. Initially, I was interested in this book because I have never been exposed or sought out to learn about stem cell research. I still have predictions about this book that Anna’s parents don’t love her because she is basically a science project to them, but I still could be wrong. I like how the book is constantly changing perspective because I know how everyone is feeling. I hope I get a better feel for what the parents feel toward Anna. I like Anna and her brother already. I feel bad for Anna that no one has asked her about her body and her feelings. I hope that Anna gets the respect from her parents through the lawsuit she is inducting. Hopefully they realize what they have been doing to her body and her mental health. I have a feeling that I will finish this book quickly over spring break!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

blog 3!

I am not quite to the ending of my book, but I plan to finish it tonight! So far the ending left me feeling sad for Alice. Her rapist will never be convicted since she picked the wrong person in the police lineup. I also feel hurt towards her friend that got raped when their house was broken into (probably payback for taking legal action.) Alice was a good, pure, girl before all this happened and now her world is flipped upside down. I am saddened that she also got caught up in drugs to try and ease her pain. The author did not choose and ending for this book, this is real life. This actually happened, which saddens me all the more. The man who raped her is free and will never pay back his debts for raping her. This touches my heart personally because I have dealt with an abusive relationship before and the person did not have any punishment for it. This book left a big impact on me. It reminded me that women are strong. Pregnancy, Periods, breast cancer, being walked on, rape, harassment, abuse; females go through a lot. Women are strong! I’m glad the author decided to share her story with the world, and convey just how strong women are.  

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Blog 2

                                 I am on page 85 of Lucky by Alice Sebold. Alice, the main character, hasn't really done much evolving yet. She is still caught up about the rape. When Alice goes home to try and recover, the family’s issues and past just overtake everything. Her mother getting her nervous spurts prevent Alice from being able to talk to someone about the details of the rape, the psychiatrist makes a snide remark, her father is always quiet in his study, and her emotional sister cannot bear to talk about such an occurrence. I despise the perpetrator of the crime for bringing so much more dysfunction into this already dysfunctional home. As for Alice, I feel like she tries to forget what happened with her whit and humor but it does not seem to work. At this point I just feel like the novel has to resolve by Alice finding an outside source to confide in because her family is little to no help. 

Monday, February 25, 2013

blog 1 crime unit

I have been affected by crime numerous times. That sounds weird to say seeing as though I am only 18, but I have not only myself have dealt with being accused of crimes, I have seen loved ones be affected by it. Just recently my best friend was victimized. She and her boyfriend were sitting, talking in his car when they see a Gahanna Police car roll by them. They talked a few minutes, finished their conversation then left the parking lot. Granted, this was on private property but her boyfriend works for the city so he has the means to get in. They drove towards the highway leaving Gahanna but before they could do so 3 cops cars block them from ahead and behind. They get out of their cars; guns pointed and yell over their speakers, “Stop! Put your hands where we can see them out the window!” Long story short, they thought since they drove away soon after the cop car rolled by that they stole something from the Gahanna Parks & Rec property. Little did they know her boyfriend worked for the city, had a key card to be allowed in that area, and actually aspired to be a cop himself. I felt the cops took the situation to an extreme. I believe if it were a 30ish adult leaving the parking lot, they wouldn't have been discriminated against…but you never know.
This crime experience for sure has nothing on my books crime of rape! The book Lucky by Alice Sebold describes a much more serious crime. I can’t wait to get into my book and see how crime was dealt with in it. I hope the crime of rape in the book will be taken seriously and whoever committed the crime will be punished, but the law works in mysterious ways as I have seen. 

Monday, February 11, 2013

blog 3

I absolutely loved Divergent! I have not found a book that grasped my attention instantly, for a while but this book broke the mold! From the beginning chapters, I kept making time to read any chance that I got! The plot was great, the characters complimented each other, and it left me wanting to get my hands on the sequel! I think I liked this book so much because the type of society that it takes place in interests me. Futuristic, post apocalypse society is so intriguing to me because it really could end up like one of the storylines, with five different factions and all! The character that made this book shine for me is Four or Tobias. I wanted to believe the whole time that he would assist Tris and fall for her. Divergent ended after Tris broke the mind control of Erudite, saved Tobias, and lead herself, Caleb, and Marcus onto the train towards the Amnity building.  I liked the ending because I did not predict anything close to it, it was a twist! This book is AMAZING. It is packed with intensity, drama, and a hint of forbidden love. I recommend this book to any readers! 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

blog 2

                I am currently on page 175 of Divergent by Veronica Roth, and I LOVE it! This book is truly surprising me because it just hooked me immediately! It kind of has a Hunger Games-ish feel to me. The way society is set up is similar. The way that the people live in factions that devote their lives to different acts is interesting to me. Right now, the main character in the book is Beatrice. Beatrice or now “Tris” as she has renamed herself, is training for a different faction. She left her safe home faction and transferred to one of the most dangerous ones called Dauntless. Tris is currently battling the initiation process of Dauntless. Dauntless requires her to be ranked on how well she performs throughout the tasks and if she fails, she will be cut and be forced to live factionless (no society). Tris has to escape her safe mindset and be brave! At this point I don’t know how I feel about how it will end. I kind of envision Tris finding out society is corrupt and trying to break herself and her friends from the gates. I’m not too sure yet but I will get to the ending quickly I know because I love this book! It will not fail to keep me up at night to see what will happen next!

Monday, January 28, 2013

blog 1

                I have experienced many things in my life that made me want to escape, but the evidence of the most recent occurrence still remains physically visible. Everyone sees me, trudging back into our school with a huge black brace and crutches. It is ironic because everyone saw me last year with the same story. It never fails to make me cringe. Why? I think in my head. Why did I have to try to be adventurous and hurt myself? I've never wanted to escape more than when I tore my ACL on my right leg.
                I've already been through this pain one time because I tore my ACL on my left leg as well, but I was still appalled by it. What is the percentage that the same injury would occur on the opposite leg? Who knows, but I definitely beat the statistic. After I went to the orthopedic doctor and verbally heard the news that I would need surgery again I wanted to run away. I didn't know what to do. How could I possibly go through the hurt again? I thought. The recovery process isn't a cake walk. I would be not mobile for far too long, and it was especially daunting this year with all the senior year festivities.  Not to mention that this would be my last year cheering at the high school level. It was all too much for me to handle.
                Obliviously now that the procedure is done, the blood is dried, and the crutches are put underneath my arms; I survived. But as I sit quietly in my seat, I want to escape. I just want to be normal and capable again. I am still in the process of dealing with my injury and it probably will be a while until I will feel freed from it.