Wednesday, April 3, 2013

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                             My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult left me feeling sad, angry, inspired, and more ranges of emotions. During the trial; I was so anxious to read what Anna would testify while on the stand, and she blew me away. The whole time I did not expect for Kate to ask Anna to kill her. I could imagine that she was tired of all the medical treatment and was in pain, but I didn't ever think she would voice to Anna that she wanted to just die. I was very angry that after it took so much for Anna to finally get out that information, her mother tried to say it was not true. She tried to tell the court Anna was lying and that if Kate felt that way, she would have told her, her precious mother. Who knows, maybe I just got huffy reading that though because I hate their mother and all of her logic. Nevertheless, I am so happy that Anna got her justice for once by the help of Julia and Mr. Campbell  That being said, I am still taken in utter shock that Anna died in an accident right after receiving her medical emancipation. I did not predict this ending whatsoever! I honestly thought Kate would die. I feel guilty for thinking that maybe I would have liked it better if Anna finally got to live her life and Kate would die. But at the same token, I guess Kate really didn’t get to live much of a life either, other than being favored 24-7. Overall, even though I was taken aback by the shocking ending I am so glad I read this book and felt all of the emotions that came with it. 

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