Monday, February 25, 2013

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I have been affected by crime numerous times. That sounds weird to say seeing as though I am only 18, but I have not only myself have dealt with being accused of crimes, I have seen loved ones be affected by it. Just recently my best friend was victimized. She and her boyfriend were sitting, talking in his car when they see a Gahanna Police car roll by them. They talked a few minutes, finished their conversation then left the parking lot. Granted, this was on private property but her boyfriend works for the city so he has the means to get in. They drove towards the highway leaving Gahanna but before they could do so 3 cops cars block them from ahead and behind. They get out of their cars; guns pointed and yell over their speakers, “Stop! Put your hands where we can see them out the window!” Long story short, they thought since they drove away soon after the cop car rolled by that they stole something from the Gahanna Parks & Rec property. Little did they know her boyfriend worked for the city, had a key card to be allowed in that area, and actually aspired to be a cop himself. I felt the cops took the situation to an extreme. I believe if it were a 30ish adult leaving the parking lot, they wouldn't have been discriminated against…but you never know.
This crime experience for sure has nothing on my books crime of rape! The book Lucky by Alice Sebold describes a much more serious crime. I can’t wait to get into my book and see how crime was dealt with in it. I hope the crime of rape in the book will be taken seriously and whoever committed the crime will be punished, but the law works in mysterious ways as I have seen. 

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  1. I think you will find this book very interesting, especially when compared to how the police handled your friends leaving the park.