Sunday, March 3, 2013

Blog 2

                                 I am on page 85 of Lucky by Alice Sebold. Alice, the main character, hasn't really done much evolving yet. She is still caught up about the rape. When Alice goes home to try and recover, the family’s issues and past just overtake everything. Her mother getting her nervous spurts prevent Alice from being able to talk to someone about the details of the rape, the psychiatrist makes a snide remark, her father is always quiet in his study, and her emotional sister cannot bear to talk about such an occurrence. I despise the perpetrator of the crime for bringing so much more dysfunction into this already dysfunctional home. As for Alice, I feel like she tries to forget what happened with her whit and humor but it does not seem to work. At this point I just feel like the novel has to resolve by Alice finding an outside source to confide in because her family is little to no help. 

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  1. Using her wit and humor as a defense mechanism is an interesting point that you raise.