Wednesday, April 3, 2013

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Throughout the midsection of My Sister’s Keeper I know have a better understanding of the parents thinking. From the moment after Anna was born, her umbilical cord was given to Kate for things that she needed in her body. I don’t like Anna’s mom at this point because she claims that Anna just called a trial for attention, but she cannot get through her stubborn skull that she has never let Anna truly live. Whenever Anna tried to live, she was bogged down by medicinal responsibilities. Her mom didn’t even think to let her go away for a week to a hockey camp that Anna received a paid-in-full scholarship for because she thought Kate might need her at some point. On the other hand, I am warming up to Anna’s dad, Brian, because he admits willingly that as a parent he doesn't know if he has made the right decisions, and maybe Anna is right. He also admits that on a few occasions he was extremely hesitant to sign any of the consent forms concerning Anna’s health because he knew that Kate was going to die soon anyways. In the midsection of the book I am more reluctant to support Anna and her dad, opposed to her begrudging mother.

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