Thursday, March 7, 2013

blog 3!

I am not quite to the ending of my book, but I plan to finish it tonight! So far the ending left me feeling sad for Alice. Her rapist will never be convicted since she picked the wrong person in the police lineup. I also feel hurt towards her friend that got raped when their house was broken into (probably payback for taking legal action.) Alice was a good, pure, girl before all this happened and now her world is flipped upside down. I am saddened that she also got caught up in drugs to try and ease her pain. The author did not choose and ending for this book, this is real life. This actually happened, which saddens me all the more. The man who raped her is free and will never pay back his debts for raping her. This touches my heart personally because I have dealt with an abusive relationship before and the person did not have any punishment for it. This book left a big impact on me. It reminded me that women are strong. Pregnancy, Periods, breast cancer, being walked on, rape, harassment, abuse; females go through a lot. Women are strong! I’m glad the author decided to share her story with the world, and convey just how strong women are.  

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  1. I am glad that Alice shared her story as well, as abuse affects many women. Unfortunately, like in Alice's case, she does not get the support she needs and has to turn to other things, like heroine, to help her cope.